Brom - The Plucker

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Brom - The Plucker

erschienen bei: Abrams Books
Ersterscheinung: 1. März 2011
Einband: Taschenbuch
ISBN: 978-0810996021

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"The Plucker is a window into a world where fairy-tale tradition collides with vileness and depravity, love and heroism, suffering and sacrifice. In this shadowy land of make believe, brought to vivid life by Brom's dramatic storytelling and uniquely arresting images, Jack and his box are stuck beneath the bed with the dust, spiders, and other castaway toys, and forced to face a bitter truth: Children grow up, and toys are left behind. Jack thinks that this is the worst fate that can befall a toy. But when the Plucker, a malevolent spirit, is set loose upon the world of make-believe, Jack is thrust into the unlikely role of defending Thomas, the very child who abandoned him, and fears that there are worse ends for a toy than abandonment - far worse. As desperation mounts, Jack is thrown together with Thomas' other toys - Monkey, the Nutcracker, and the ehtereally beautiful porcelain doll Snow Angel - as they struggle to rise above their simple roles as playthings and save the boy they love."

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